About the Aquatop 1700

The UK's most efficient shower extractor

Aquatop 1700 fits onto the top of your shower cubicle. All the stream and condensation from your shower rises up and passes through our "Free Flow Condensing" cavity. The result, all the condensation is turned back into water and returned to the cubicle, whilst dry air is passed into your bathroom. Inside the shower cubicle the Aquatop creates a temperature and environment similar to that of a spa/steam room, whilst at the same time stopping the huge heat loss of a normal cubicle.

How does the Aquatop work?

Aquatop 1700 works like natures water cycle, as warm steam rises, it passes into our "Free Flow Condensing" cavity. Here it comes into contact with the cooler outer surface, the steam temperature drops and the condensation forms in the bottom of the Aquatop 1700. Dry air is passed into the shower room, whilst inside the cubicle, the air temperature increases whilst maintaining a comfortable level of water vapour/humidity.

Please see the flash example below to view the beneficial impacts of the Aquatop 1700 in your bathroom or wet room.

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Below is two graphs that indicate the amazing results after installing the Aquatop 1700. Please click each image to view the graph in full and hit the Esc key to return.

Air temperature in the Aquatop 1700 Condensation in the Aquatop 1700

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about the Aquatop 1700? You will probably find the answer below. If you can not find your answer and would like more information please feel free to contact us here. A member of out team will be in touch shortly.

How high is the Aquatop 1700?

The 760x760 and 800x800 Aquatop 1700's are 28 cm high at the middle apex, all larger sizes are 22cms high.

How long does it take to fit?

Aquatop 1700 is a quick straight forward DIY job and should only take 30 minutes to fit.

Will the Aquatop 1700 fit any style of shower cubicle?

Aquatop 1700 works with all enclosed framed shower cubicles and recessed cubicles.

Will the Aquatop 1700 still fit if there is a pipe running into the shower?

The support profiles provided with the Aquatop 1700 are 45mm deep and can be cut away to relieve pipe work.

What maintenance does the Aquatop 1700 need?

A collection of mould particles may form after a period of time (around 1 year). This wipes away with a bathroom cleaner. There is no other maintenance required.

Where can I find out more information about the Aquatop 1700?

You can contact us here, and request a brochure from us.

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